Spieringweg 895

Rainwater storage in Holland’s tightly organized municipal water system doesn’t seem to pay off….yet?
A design of an extension at a beautiful south facing garden with the use of classical elements fitting the existing house.

Rainwater Storage

To make a new roof in between the big tree and the low sloped roof was a challenge. An idea was to higher the gutter of the sloped roof and wrap a flat roof around it. This created a cavity underneath the new flat roof. this seemed a perfect space for rainwater storage to irrigate the greenhouse on gravity.

Next step, to make calculations of annual rainfall on the sloped roof and compare this with the amount needed to water the greenhouse, 21.000 liter of water for a year. My client loved the design but economics can be a hard wake up call.

I can off course claim that rainwater is softer and better for your plants or that self sufficiency is a good goal but: With the rainwater storage, in Holland, you will safe €41,- per year from using municipal water.  That investment will take a long time to pay back.

Design in progress…. delayed until further notice 🙁