An allround creative engineer with a technical eye on design supported by 4 years of hands-on experience.

I am able to translate concept & program into spatial & structural 3D design with functionality at it’s heart. With an innovative nature I love to work out solutions that are energy efficient, practical to build, easy to maintain and comfortable in use.

I have a keen interest in prefabrication and modular building systems and have specialized knowledge in earthsheltered design and wood structures. My main tool is Autocad, Sketchup & Vray and currently in training to learn al about Revit Architecture.


After graduating building engineering in 2000 in Utrecht, Holland, I’ve worked for several architects in Amsterdam, mainly focused on residential architecture, starting as an engineer and projectmanager and gradually gained experience in design work.

From 2004 – 2009, building engineering took a back seat, working mostly with visual storytelling and media education in foundation Void 7. During this time I was studying ecological design and, while traveling, I helped build ecological houses and completed a permaculture & ecovillage design course in Oregon, USA.

From 2008 till 2016 I worked part-time as a designer/builder, doing carpentery for mostly interiors with wood and often reclaimed materials. This was also a time where I further developed my understanding on ‘sustainable’ design and engineering with earth-sheltered and energy-efficient design & construction.

End of 2017 a first earth-sheltered extension was permitted in Amsterdam.

~ blue rooflight ~

my first engineering job in 1998

Blue Roof Light