I help design & engineer ecological homes
that are very cost-effective & fit for self-builders.


After some years of research and hands-on workshops I believe earth sheltered design is the most direct & effective way to build an ecological home.

A home covered with earth is more energy efficient due to less wind infiltration and the earth acts as a thermal storage for more stable indoor temperatures, it will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

And roofs and wall covered with earth can be constructed more simpler and require no maintenance.

Earth shelter Design is also perfect for grey water re-use, irrigating attached greenhouses & gardens, no energy will go to waste.

Using the soil, rocks & native folia for walls & roof,
an eartsheltered home, gardenhouse or cabin,
will blend into any landscape.



Combining natural ways & matter
with modern systems & materials
in clean, natural & integral design.

Portable, Modular & Simple to build.
Mostly low tech, Some high tech.
Multi-functional, Extendable, Seasonal.
Easy Maintenance, Energy Efficient.
Comfortable in & with Nature.

Unnatural light: diffuse light & little bright.
Likable: local, natural and reclaimed materials.
Cool: Steel & Glass.
Handy: Concrete, Those blue insulation boards, Tarp.
Admirable: Choosing a compost toilet over flush.